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“米国に「ダウの犬(Dogs of the Dow)」という有名な投資手法がある。世界的企業が多く倒産などのリスクが少ないダウ工業株30種平均採用銘柄を対象に、売られ過ぎて配当利回り(配当÷株価)が高くなった10銘柄を同金額ずつ買い、1年後に売るのを繰り返すと高収益を期待できるというもの。「Dogs」には俗語で「さえない」という意味がある。”

*ちなみにブログ主が米国の経済誌で得た情報によると、米国ではS&P 500投資に比べて、配当を考慮しても、長期的リターンは劣るとの検証結果である。






2010年10月29日現在 TOPIXコア30の構成銘柄は下記のとおり



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2006年頃購入したパナソニックのレッツノノートCF-Y5(Y5Kモデル Y5KW8AXR)にWindows XP SP2

で使用していた。ここに、Windows7 Home Premiumにフレッシュインストールすると、音が出なくなった。



ものはviup1_r5t5w5y5_h070050.exe viup1_r5t5w5y5_h070050.exe

これは\Vistup\drivers\sound  ディレクトリー配下にsetupがあるので、クリックして実行するだけ。



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出所: http://kadspark.wordpress.com/2009/11/30/how-to-use-skydrive-as-local-harddisk-drive/

Many of my friends asked me how they can use the SkyDrive as their local HDD or we can say an Mapped Network Drive so here’s my post for all my friends describing how you can do it and believe me any one can do this all you need is 4 to 5 Mins of your valuable time. (But this will save your lot of time in future)

“Gladinet Cloud Desktop” is the software which you can use to achieve this goal the “Starter Edition” of this software is provided for free or you can choose “Professional Edition” for just $39.99 and the thing is you can use the same software to take the backup of your GoogleDocs or to manage your photos on Picasa you can download the software from the given link

How to use it ? 

When you complete the software installation it creates a new Drive on computer you can find it from MyComputer by default the Drive Letter will be “Z:” if you are using Windows 7 it will look like one in following image 


To use your SkyDrive or any other online storage with this application Open this drive by default this drive contains a file named “Click to mount [cloud storage]” Double Click on the file and open it it will ask you for some info in first step you need to provide the name of search provider select “Windows Live SkyDrive” the box just bellow it will ask you for the name this is the name which will appear on folder where the storage will be mounted on next step it will ask you for your live username (Email ID) and password in Third step you just need to click on the Finish button and the software will do rest of the things for you now after this when ever you want to copy some data to your online storage or need to copy some data from it it will be as simple as COPY PASTE operation which we use everyday 

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